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Do your goals need a refresh?

Revisiting the dreams your younger self had for you.

You aren’t the same person you were when you took that job.

You’ve changed since you started that friendship a few years back.

You were in a different place when you made that commitment six months ago.

So many of the things that are on our plates today were put there by past versions of ourselves—the relationships we give our energy to, the work we prioritize, the way we spend our time. And yet, here we are living out the plans that were made for us by someone who no longer exists. Some of those plans are wonderful—thanks, younger self!—and some of them have, well, lost their luster.

Last month, the launch of my first book, Feel It All, put me in direct relationship with my younger self. Namely, a version of me who was newly 30 and had not yet explored her relationship with productivity. I’m going to be so real with you right now: the me sitting here today would probably not have taken on the monumental task of writing a book.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m so proud of Feel It All, and love hearing the ways it’s resonating for so many people…but I’m also aware of all the ways in which writing and launching this book have mirrored painful childhood patterns around perfectionism, accolades, and accomplishment. When I woke up this morning and frantically checked for recent book reviews, I thought oh goodness, this is familiar. I might as well be 17 again, waiting for the grade on my most recent AP Psych exam.

Three years ago, when I sent the book proposal to Feel It All out to publishers, I wasn’t feeling particularly protective of my time, energy, or spirit. Today, protecting my peace is among my primary north stars. While my 30-year-old self gave me the gift of Feel It All, my 33-year-old self can give her back the gift of rest—rest that I just wasn’t capable of back then.

What are the plans, relationships, and initiatives passed along to you from your younger self? Which ones will you continue, and which ones might it be time to say goodbye to? What gifts did your younger self give you, and what gifts will you give back?