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Casey Tanner

Casey Tanner (they/she), AASECT-certified sex therapist, author of Feel It All, and creator of @queersextherapy, is a thought leader in millennial and Gen Z sexuality. It is her mission to inspire your sexual awakening through anti-oppressive queer sex education and mental health support.

When her initial pursuit of a career in evangelical ministry was disrupted by a mental health crisis, Casey was forced to reckon with the harmful impact of purity culture and systemic homophobia on her sense of self. After coming out as queer at a college that expressly forbid “homosexual behavior,” Casey made it her mission to disrupt misinformation and barriers to authenticity by pursuing her masters in counseling with a specialization in sexual and gender diversity, and ultimately received her Sexual Health Certificate from University of Michigan.

Casey launched @queersextherapy on Instagram, marking a new era for sexual and mental health on the app. In 2020, Casey founded The Expansive Group, a queer-centered sex therapy practice that serves hundreds of clients per year, both online and in person. While they are the CEO of the practice, Casey continues to create content, and is a producer and co-host of the Safeword Podcast, offering listeners guidance to undo their sex miseducation, cultivate authenticity, and expand their relational imaginations.

Casey also lends her thought leadership and expertise to brands, businesses, universities, and publications around the world, including Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Health, InStyle, and more. Casey can be reached for consulting, partnerships, and speaking events on their website.

Their first book Feel It All: A Therapist's Guide to Reimagining Your Relationship with Sex has been hailed as “a masterful blend of research, personal anecdotes, and practical advice, Feel It All addresses the profound effects that cultural messaging and attachment wounds have on sexuality.” - Lori A. Brotto, PhD, Professor, University of British Columbia

Casey’s new book is now available.

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“Not just a queer sex therapist, THE queer sex therapist.”

Robyn Exton, CEO of HER Social App

"[@queersextherapy] is a lighthouse for me in my own self-development and healing. It is the space without shame, without stigma, without narrow-mindedness where I can learn so much about topics that are otherwise taboo or have been historically delivered through a limited lens."

Alyson Stoner, Actress & Mental Health Activist

"Casey is a triple threat! not only a world class therapist, but also a dynamic educator, and phenomenal multi-media platform presenter. Her willingness to delve deeply into various topics of wellness with strong research, and then translate in an easily digestible manner is truly one of a kind."

Joe Petracca, Director, The Americas, Lelo, Inc.

"We have worked with Casey on a variety of partnerships on social and have been so impressed with the quality, speed and results generated from those partnerships. Casey is always on time, on top of requirements and a pleasure to work with."

Kara Miller, Coral App

Where It All Started

Queer Sex Therapy

Join Casey where it all began @queersextherapy on Instagram. With half a million followers across platforms, Casey is a beacon for LGBTQIA+ people on social media who are seeking free queer sex education and mental health tips.

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Casey regularly consults, engages in brand partnerships, and speaks at businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, and events about expansive gender, sexuality, and relationships. Topics can be custom-tailored to your audience size, identities, and goals.

Speaking & Partnerships