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About Casey

Casey Tanner (she/they) is an author, certified sex therapist, and prominent voice in the field of millennial and Gen Z sexuality. With over 500k followers and a flourishing group therapy practice, Casey advocates for an expansive, anti-oppressive approach to sexuality, gender, and relationships.

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Casey Tanner

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Feel It All

Casey’s groundbreaking new book on sexuality dispels the negative cultural attitudes about sex that leave too many of us feeling inadequate, and offers an expansive, attachment-based framework to free us and develop bolder, more satisfying relationships with our sexual selves. The world needs your sexual awakening.

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The Expansive Group

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About The Expansive Group

You deserve therapy that aligns with your identities and values. Casey founded The Expansive Group in 2020 as your soft place to land for gender, sexuality, and relationship support. The Expansive Group is accepting new clients virtually wherever you are, and in person at our offices in New York and Chicago.

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Where It All Started

Queer Sex Therapy

Join Casey where it all began @queersextherapy on Instagram. With half a million followers across platforms, Casey is a beacon for LGBTQIA+ people on social media who are seeking free queer sex education and mental health tips.

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Casey's Accolades


“Not just a queer sex therapist, THE queer sex therapist.”

Robyn Exton, CEO of HER Social App

"[@queersextherapy] is a lighthouse for me in my own self-development and healing. It is the space without shame, without stigma, without narrow-mindedness where I can learn so much about topics that are otherwise taboo or have been historically delivered through a limited lens."

Alyson Stoner, Actress & Mental Health Activist

"Casey is a triple threat! not only a world class therapist, but also a dynamic educator, and phenomenal multi-media platform presenter. Her willingness to delve deeply into various topics of wellness with strong research, and then translate in an easily digestible manner is truly one of a kind."

Joe Petracca, Director, The Americas, Lelo, Inc.

"We have worked with Casey on a variety of partnerships on social and have been so impressed with the quality, speed and results generated from those partnerships. Casey is always on time, on top of requirements and a pleasure to work with."

Kara Miller, Coral App